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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) testing is the key to prevent the personal data and subject matter of EU citizens. Is your business data GDPR compliant? If not, we will help you to acquire compliance to keep your data safe and transparent. 

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Compliance with GDPR Testing Overview

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance is the necessary activity for those companies that collect the personal data of European Union Citizens. The new requirements of GDPR compliance scheduled from 25th May 2018. As per the research, organizations that don't meet the GDPR compliance programs have to pay a fine of about €20 million.   

Furthermore, non-compliance puts adverse effects on the brand reputation and can put the company’s assets at the most significant risk. We, as a leading GDPR Compliance Testing Service Provider, in India, will keep you safe at every stage and will inspire confidence among your customers and clients. Our experts implement the TDM method that features sub-setting, provisioning, identification, masking, data archiving. Other than that, we will protect your private data from all the unauthorized access points.

After taking the service of GDPR Compliance Testing, you can freely build trust with your customers. Even we will provide you with so many options to interact with the new business opportunities. 


Our GDPR Compliance Testing Services

We have certified and proficient testers that work on the best tools to offer 100% satisfaction and compliance to our clients. At BugRaptors, we offer the following GDPR Services: 

  • GDPR Application Assessment including GDPR Readiness Assessment
  • GDPR Compliance Testing for Data Mapping & Data Inventory
  • GDPR Data Discovery
  • GDPR-Based Penetration Testing Service for better Protection from Vulnerable Attacks

Our Strategy

Every business has unique requirements, and the GDPR consultants of Bugraptors better understand that thing. We follow the agile approach to deliver the 100% accuracy in the stipulated time. Check out our process in detail:

  • Analyze Informational Flow

Identify the information sources and processing of systems such as technology, personnel. 

  • Authorize Design & Documentation

This process aims to create a data protection office for an organization.

  • Performance Monitoring

Several changes are made by our GDPR compliance specialists time-to-time, mainly to deliver an efficient output. 

  • Audit Internal Processes

The governance systems are verified by testers first and then provide complete compliant set up to the customers. 

  • Privacy Impact Assessment

During this stage, the experts of GDPR compliance testing use several tools to examine and evaluate the privacy risks that occur in business projects.

  • Weekly Basis Tracking

Tracks the documentation and risk-based activities of clients on weekly-basis & provides complete visibility at the end. 


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Advantages of GDPR Compliance Testing

Bugraptors have top-notch strategies to enhance transparency in data processing methods. People all across the globe hire GDPR compliance testers from us because we give them quality over time. The benefits of getting compliance with GDPR testing are as follow:

Better Control Over Data

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Positive Marketing Opportunities

Regular Data Protection & Assessment

Proof of Due Diligence

Why Bugraptors for GDPR Compliance Testing?

If you are looking to hire GDPR Compliance Testers, we’ll highly recommend you to choose Bugraptors. An award-winning GDPR compliance testing company in India has a big team and the right tools to handle the compliance programs quickly. What makes us unique, check-out below:

  • The charges of our GDPR testing specialists/experts are reasonable than others.
  • Analyze the data handling processes of the company and meet the appropriate needs.
  • It offers practical insights to let the customers know their project better.

Whether you have questions about trials, features, pricing plans, or read a demo, our support team for GDPR Compliance testing service is ready to make a response in quick minutes.



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