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Accessibility Testing

BugRaptors ensures that individuals with disabilities will be able to use the system. By performing accessibility testing, we make products usable across millions of people who have one or multiple forms of disabilities. We enhance the accessibility of content for websites or mobile applications. Our independent validation and verification services ensure an enhanced customer experience with regulations, industry standards, and guidelines. We provide an enhanced customer experience by providing user friendly product to the customer. We also test the integration of components with website/application for accessibility.




Speech Recognition Software: In this “BugRaptors” created as a dummy of the voice recognition software tested for review. The same reviewer read text and dictation mode of program. By using the same text in the same voice profile, we can get idea of how accurate each program translates speech and allowing us to compare them. Any errors in dictation will be in bold and underlined, so we can easily see where the program made the mistakes. We test it by transform the spoken words to text, which will be utilized as an input to the computer.


Screen Reader Software: We use multiple screen readers to verify the behavior of new applications or unusual HTML tags or new CSS styles in each screen readers. We use common screen reader tools used as JAWS, Voiceover (Mac or iPhone/iPad), NVDA (Window).


Screen Magnification Software: BugRaptors testing with a screen magnifier check for: Inconsistent layout that makes it harder to find things, test Excessive space between elements on different sides of the page and Images that look fuzzy when magnified zoom text. We still think the built-in browser zoom and text squeezing functions are adequate for most accessibility testing.


Special keyboards: We ensure that users can fully perform all of web pages or application’s potential tasks and operations accurately. We perform testing by using the tab button navigates until you’ve reached the link. We used Shift+Tab to navigate back one step.


Manual Accessibility Testing: Team checks the structure of page, and reviews the code where it is necessary. By manual testing we find accessibility problems which cannot be found programmatically. In manual testing we require a systematic overview especially in case of larger sites making sure all elements and pages are covered.


Automation Accessibility Testing: We double check the findings result of the automate testing, when certain problems occur several times, once the validity of the problem is established, file each occurrence much faster. We are using standards and guidelines so all issues are detected by us because accuracy depends on errors and testing standards. We provide guarantee to check of all links.

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