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Big Data Testing

In Big data testing, BugRaptors verify the successful processing of terabytes of data using cluster and other supporting components. We have a high level of testing skills as the process is very fast. Firstly, we check the quality of the data and considered as a part of database testing. In this we check various characteristics of data like accuracy, conformity, validity, duplication, consistency,  data completeness etc. We check proper data is pulled into system or not. We verify correct data is fetched and loaded into  the correct location.




We follow below steps to perform Big Data Testing:


Data Staging Validation: BugRaptors validated to make sure that the correct data is pulled into the system by fetching the data from various sources like RDBMS, weblogs, social media, etc. We are comparing source data with the data pushed into the Hadoop system to make sure they match. We also verify the right data is extracted and loaded into the correct location.


Map Reduce Validation: In this BugRaptors verifies the business logic validation on every node and then validating them after running for multiple nodes. We ensure that the Map Reduce process works correctly, data segregation and aggregation rules are implemented on the data, Key value pairs are generated and validating the data after Map Reduce process.


Output Validation: In this we generated and ready to be moved to an Enterprise Data Warehouse or any other system based on the requirement. We check (transformation rules are correctly applied, successful data load and data integrity into the target system and data corruption by comparing the target data with the HDFS file system data.


In Big data testing, our main focus on performance as well as functional testing.


Performance Testing: BugRaptors testing for big data application comprises a huge quantity of structured as well as unstructured data, and we use a particular testing method to test such massive data.


Functional Testing: We testing for big data testing comprise validating the functional/business functions.


Automation Testing: We also perform automation testing when utilized for testing big data applications. We also use testing tools utilized to automate big data testing. One of the good examples is Testing-Whiz. This is a codeless test automation tool with multiple functionalities like Web services testing, Database testing, big data testing, Cross-browser testing, etc.

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