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Cloud Testing

BugRaptors perform Cloud testing to verify and validate thorough cloud functions, encompassing severance as well as performance scalability. When executing cloud testing, testers face some difficulties like manageability, reliability as well as Security but we are well-experienced and skilled enough to overcome such difficulties. The major focus of our team is on Security Risks, Multiple web browser Support, User Interface Issues as well as User Data Accessibility. Cloud testing is a subsection of software testing in which real-world Web traffic is utilized to test cloud-based Web applications.




IaaS: BugRaptors provide user with computing resources and storage comprised with many servers as on demand as well as pay per use service. It is referred as Infrastructure as a service and also denoted as HaaS (Hardware as a service). It comprises both storage services as well as computing power.


PaaS: It is referred as Platform as a service. We also gives user a computing platform with some tools as well as a development environment which helps companies to develop, test and establish web based applications.


SaaS: It is referred as Software as a service. Team gives user an application or software which he can access online on any device wherever without installing it. Therefore maintenance and utilization of these services is made simpler.

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