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Compatibility Testing

BugRaptors perform compatibility testing to ensure customer satisfaction. We check whether software application or product is expert enough to run in diverse browsers, database, hardware, operating system, mobile devices as well as networks. The Application could also influence due to diverse versions, resolution, internet speed as well as configuration etc. that is why we know it’s significant to test the application in all likely manners to decrease failures and overcome from shames of bug’s leakage. We approve that the application runs appropriately in diverse browsers, versions, OS and networks effectively.




Browser Compatibility Testing: We verify the compatibility of the software application on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, as well as Opera etc.


Hardware: BugRaptors ensures the application/software compatibility with the diverse hardware configurations. We test across the devices based on OS like Linux, Mac OS-X, Android, Windows etc.


Network: We check the application in a Different-2 network like 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi etc and also the behavior of the application in the absence of a network.


Mobile Devices: Team check if the application is compatible with the resolution of mobile devices as well as their platforms like android, iOS, windows etc.


Operating Systems: We verify if application is compatible with all Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac and like testing the software application in different versions, checking the application or software in previous, existing and upcoming versions.

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