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Crowdsourced Testing

BugRaptors perform crowdsourced testing which is an emerging trend in software testing which exploits the benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of crowdsourcing and the cloud platform. We put the software to test under different realistic platforms which makes it more dependable, profitable, fast, and bug-free. In addition, we allow for remote usability testing because specific target groups can be hired through the crowd. We perform testing when the software is more user-centric: i.e., software whose success is resolute by its user feedback and which has a diverse user space. It is regularly applied with gaming, mobile applications, when experts who may be difficult to find in one place are required for particular testing, or when the company lacks the resources or time to carry out the testing internally.




Load Test application servers: At Bugraptors we perform this form of testing by hitting one part of application from numerous users at one point of time. It is proved as very valuable in determining the behavior of application when hit by several users at the same time.


Under geographical weather condition: We use geographical weather conditions parameter which is valid for mobile devices. As crowd from multiple locations having different weather conditions are involved in this testing, We use such parameters in finding out the performance of mobile devices under bad weather conditions or conditions like influence by mountains or building basement etc.


Identifying browser specific/device specific issues: Team involves crowd in testing a specific application which provide multiple combinations of devices as well as browsers and thus certain browser/device particular issues can be determined which is normally escaped on subsequent traditional testing process.


Network issues: We perform Network issues testing to determine the behavior of application under changed network circumstances like: cellular mode, flight mode, Wi-Fi etc.


Testing with rarely available equipment: We provide testers with rarely found equipment or which are costly with few applications installed to test on, occasionally. But this rare situation can be easily manageable and problem can be solved easily without countless efforts by team.


Usability issues: Team performs Usability testing to focus on those parts of any application which works properly in functionality but is not much of use, or may be any other situation, from user’s viewpoint. It is best suitable here as it includes multiple live users.

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