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Database Testing

BugRaptors is expertise in database testing as checking tables, writing queries and procedures. We perform testing in web application or desktop and database can be used in the application like SQL or Oracle. We perform database testing on many projects like banking, finance, health insurance which requires extensive database testing. We are also expertise in “Data Migration” testing in which we migrates the client’s database into our local database and then compare both database by executing the sql queries. At the beginning to perform database testing we analyze the structure of database like tables, procedures etc.




How BugRaptors Test Database:


We create our own Queries: In order to test the DB properly and accurately, BugRaptors have very good knowledge of SQL and (Data Manipulation Language) statements. We also have good understanding of internal DB structure of AUT. We also verify front end data and backend data.


Observe data table by table: In case the structure of the database and tables have large amount of data then our approach to test database table by table. In this we view the tables (relations) of DB in deeply.


Data validity testing: In this we are responsible for the correctness & reasonableness of data. Our main focuses on to find validity errors as these are difficult to detect.


Performance testing in relation with the database: In this we test the performance of the fetching data from database because sometimes developers use complex queries which can affect the performance of database. In this our main focus on query optimization.


Procedure testing and triggers testing: As we have good understanding of program and logic flow so we perform procedure and triggers testing to improve the security, efficiency and usability of database client/server applications.

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