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IoT Testing

BugRaptors also work with the IoT testing. We ensures that the IoT permits objects to be sensed and controlled remotely through present network infrastructure, producing chances for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, as well as resulting in enhanced efficiency, accuracy and economic advantage; team have good experience in this type of testing. We have worked on Beacon technology. Beacons are small, low-cost, battery-operated pieces of hardware that can easily be attached to a wall. Every beacon has its unique UDID, major and minor characteristics for identification. These beacon details are saved on the server. Beacon device covers the indoor/outdoor areas in the building, underground parking area and the home appliances. Beacon device is connected with the smartphone via Bluetooth.


Functionality Testing of IoT: We ensure that Beacon is performing well according the mentioned range. All Beacon devices usually use the three types of ranges that are Immediate, near and Far and most of the ranges uses. Our experts checks the range of beacon that When smartphone comes into the range, then information saved on the server should display on the smartphone immediately. When smartphone moves away from the beacon range, then no information should display on the smartphone for particular beacon.


Performance Testing of IoT: BugRaptors ensures performance of beacon devices as these devices has some battery life. Each Beacon includes the time interval and refresh rate for the information getting on the smartphone from the server. This interval and refresh rate also impacts the battery life of the beacon. If we set the time interval as 2 minutes on the server, then after every two minutes same beacon with corresponding information are displayed again on the smartphone. No information should display on smartphone before or after 2 minutes interval of time. We check all the scenarios related to performance.


Connectivity Testing of IoT: BugRaptors check that whether any device like beacon is connecting or not when Bluetooth is on. Now beacons have come in market which can connect to wifi or cellular network so connectivity with them is also checked.


Communication testing: We ensure that when any device like beacon is in range and network is available then notification for item allocated comes on user’s screen or not. And the time is takes also checked.

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