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Localization Testing

BugRaptors follows a software testing method, where the product is checked to guarantee that it performs according to the local culture or settings. In other words, it is a procedure of customizing software application according to the targeted language and country. The main area affected by localization testing comprises content and UI. The method we use for testing a globalized application whose UI, default language, currency, date, time format and documentation are planned according to the targeted country or region. We guarantee that the application is proficient enough for utilizing in that particular country. For example: If the project is designed for Tamil Nadu State in India, The designed project should be in Tamil language, Tamil virtual keyboard should be present and If the project is designed for the USA, then the time format should be changed according to the USA Standard time. Similarly language and money format should follow USA standards.


Testing Execution Arrangement: For a typical localization testing, we arrange build verification testing, functional testing, detect log defects during execution as well as regression testing and final sign-off.


Approach for Localization testing: We make sure localization testing approach permits more time for double-byte languages, Guarantee that we suitably internationalize our code for the DBCS beforehand extracting any text to send for translation.


Localization Testing Challenges: The challenges of localization testing we face are need of a domain expert which we have. We appoint local translator frequently which is the expensive process, we use different strategies to make it affordable to the users. Storage of DBCS characters vary in various countries, tester face schedule problems but having a skilled team of tester in BugRaptors easily solves such problems.

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