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Quality Consultancy

BugRaptors has domain expertise team skilled in working with various test models like Sequential & Agile. We provide users with quality consultancy. They help users from all over the world to clear all their doubts and issues on any type or kind of testing. Either it’s Automation, Security or any kind of testing, We have team which is highly experienced in all types of testing. It helps in developing great quality products. We have well experienced team of manual as well as Automation testing. The main focus of BugRaptors team is quality because the Life is better with lesser issues in it.


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The main features of BugRaptors are as follows:


Strategies and Approach: BugRaptors use dynamic strategy for work because it concentrates on finding as many defects as possible during test implementation and acclimatizing to the realities of the system under test as it is when delivered, and they typically emphasize the later stages of testing.


Process and Governance: BugRaptors work on the basis of Agile Methodology. Team has built uniform management, decision-rights, strategic direction and cohesive policies processes and for a given area of responsibility to establish risk management to assure the accomplishment of the business objectives and to prove that resources are efficiently used. We hold team members responsible for overall results.


Tools Feasibility: We perform Feasibility Analysis to estimate the % of UI components which can be automated by each automation testing tool. As part of feasibility analysis BugRaptors figure out ways to use automation testing tools that help to automate those UI components by executing few tweaks or by any another identification mechanism. We always use an automation testing tool which gives flexibility to extend.


Release and Environment Management: We brilliantly manage all the clients and servers which are used in testing. A lot of data center management happening in the overall testing process. It's very difficult to have clean machines when running automated and manual tests but we manage it all in a very good way and we release the final build to client only after we are fully assure that there is nothing wrong with the final build.


Optimized Automation and Regression: Team uses automation tools fir regression testing because it will execute all tests, on every release within a narrow time frame and for a fraction of the costs. We know that a greater number of tests will lead to a better functional coverage and thus a better quality.


Monitoring, Scoping and Execution of Test Cases: We also Monitor the tests to guide and take corrective action based on some metrics or information to improve the efficiency and quality. The purpose of Scoping is to describe the overall test plan and strategy for testing applications. After the BAs and Dev team review the test cases, changes are notified to the QA team, QA team will make necessary amends to complete the Test design phase. We ensure that all test cases are well written and all the possible scenarios are covered before the execution and then we Execute the test cases.

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